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  1/26/2014, Shevat 25, 5774

Himmler's Letters Prove He Was Remorseless

Daily Mail reports Heinrich Himmler - S.S. chief and organizer of the Holocaust of six million Jews - has been exposed as an insecure romantic fantasist who kept the secret of the mass Jewish extermination program he directed from his wife and mistress in case it upset them.

Academics in Germany have spent the last three years examining the letters, photos, memorandums - even a recipe book - of the most feared man in Nazi Germany after they were discovered in Israel, says Daily Mail.

Himmler, who as S.S. Reichsfuehrer was in charge of the entire complex of concentration camps throughout Europe, oversaw the systematic murder of around six million Jews during the Second World War.

But in the letters and diaries being serialized by Germany’s Die Welt newspaper he comes across as a foppish, even diffident accomplice to mass slaughter, adds Daily Mail.