News Briefs

  שבט 23, 5774 , 24/01/14

Rome: Bomb Explodes as French Premier to Meet with Pope

In central Rome, a small bomb exploded near a French religious establishment  earlier today (Friday), causing damage to three cars and some windows in surrounding buildings, a spokesman for the Carabinieri military police said, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Nobody was injured by the blast.

The bomb went off around 0130 GMT in a street where the Church of Saint-Yves des Bretons, located about a five-minute walk from the historic Piazza Navona. "We aren't following any specific leads…nobody has claimed responsibility or given any warnings," the Carabinieri spokesman said.

The incident occurred hours ahead of a private meeting to take place between French President François Hollande and Pope Francis. President Hollande arrived at the Vatican at 0930 GMT, as scheduled. The two are expected to discuss the Syrian conflict and the pace of Israeli-Palestinian talks, among other things. "Nobody has claimed responsibility with us," said an official at the French embassy to the Vatican.

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