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  שבט 23, 5774 , 24/01/14

Arzei Halevanon Rabbi Angry at Students for Kutzra Action

The head of the preparatory course at the Arzei Halevanon school in Shilo, Rabbi Ze'ev Sharon, expressed indignation at his students who participated in the event that took place several weeks ago at Kutzra, where some of the students protesting uprooting of their plants, headed out for confrontation with the responsible Arabs.

"They are a wonderful group of young men, who work well together at home and in the olive groves, as well,  But when they heard the plants were being destroyed, they ran to the fields to protest, and it became what it became...but it was never a 'price tag' action," Rabbi Sharon explained.

Rabbi Sharon said that the course of study in the school prepares the boys for full military service . "We teach values, like the love of Israel and the IDF, this is what needs to be done . But in this instance, it turned into foolish and stupid incident.  I yelled at the students, 'are we in Israel to be slaughtered?' I do not doubt their good intentions , but to head into an Arab village in broad daylight, with the Arabs watching and waiting for them. It could have ended as a lynching and I could have been at their funerals."

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