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  שבט 22, 5774 , 23/01/14

Rabbi Landau: Pray for Rain

Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, told photographers today (Thursday) from the “Yeshiva” website, that in the coming days the Rabbinate will be coming out with notifications to the public, requesting them to add the prayers for rain, in light of the drought Israel has been undergoing during the last month and a half.

Ramat Gan’s rabbi, Rabbi Ya’acov Ariel, already started to add the prayers this past week, stating, “We are already more than 40 days without rain, aside from an occasional drops here and there at a time in various locations around the country. Although we have received a healthy portion of blessings from the heavens, thank G-d, we are in sore need of additional rains.”

Rabbi Ariel added, “There is no need to wait for the chief Rabbinate to announce a decision for these prayers.  Anywhere throughout the country that is feeling the drought should start to pray for relief.”

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