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  1/22/2014, Shevat 21, 5774

State of Emergency Declared in Thailand

Chron reports protesters vying to overthrow Thailand's government stayed on the streets Wednesday despite the start of a state of emergency in the capital that was imposed to cope with the nation's increasingly violent political crisis.

The emergency decree announced late Tuesday allows authorities to ban public gatherings, impose curfews and censor local news reports for the next 60 days, says Chron.

But the government said it would not crack down on demonstrators who have seized several patches of Bangkok, adds Chron, and life in the city continued as normal with tourist sites unaffected and no major deployment of extra security forces.

The state of emergency follows increasing attacks at protest sites for which the government and the protesters blame each other. Chron notes grenade attacks on Friday and Sunday killed one man and wounded more than 60 people alone, bringing the casualty toll since November to at least nine dead and 554 hurt.