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  טבת 15, 5774 , 18/12/13

Disable IDF Hero Slams "Human Rights" NGO B'Tselem

IDF Captain Ziv Shilon, who recently lost a hand fighting terrorists, derided the activities of the European-funded B'Tselem non-governmental organization. In a letter, Shilon accused B'Tselem members of slandering IDF soldiers, "while you stay in your warm beds." He added that while the B'Tselem members prepare their reports, "sipping hot chocolate" his troops are at security posts "freezing in the rain" in order to protect the country. He signed his letter, "Captain Ziv Shilon, most powerful and moral military in the world."

According to their website, B'Tselem is "the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories" and publishes international reports on IDF activities. 

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