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  טבת 15, 5774 , 18/12/13

Heckler Disrupts Israeli Event on Anti-Jewish Composer

A heckler disrupted a lecture in Jerusalem discussing German classical music composer Richard Wagner for the occasion of his 200th birthday. The man ascended the stage in the middle of the lecture and refused to move, deriding the participants and audience members and singing Hatkiva, Israel's national anthem. He was finally removed by police. The incident took place at the Henry Crown Symphony Hall of the Jerusalem Theater.

The performing of Richard Wagner's music has been controversial in Israel due to his anti-Jewish public statements. One of his many essays was entitled Das Judenthum in der Musik, or Jewishness in Music. Published in  1850, the article derides and mocks Jewish people in general and attacks several Jewish-born composers such as Felix Mendelssohn. Wagner later became a favorite of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

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