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  טבת 14, 5774 , 17/12/13

'Infiltrator Demonstration a Test of Israeli Democracy'

Chairwoman Michal Rozin of the Knesset Committee on the Problem of Foreign Workers participated, Tuesday morning, in a demonstration by infiltrators headed for the Prime Minister's Office. The lawmaker from the leftist Meretz party said, "I am standing here beside people who are shouting and raising their voice against the injustice done to them, and that's how a democratic state is tested."

Referring to a recently-passed law against illegal infiltration, MK Rozin continued, "Unfortunately, the reason we are here today is a law which indicates just the opposite, preventing asylum seekers in Israel their basic human rights and human dignity. Here people live with no future, no hope and no release date. This is not a solution for us and not a solution for them."

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