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  טבת 13, 5774 , 16/12/13

MK Feiglin Warns of Loss of Sovereignty to Bedouins

Member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin stated on Monday he was surprised to find the Bedouin resettlement plan still on the agenda of the Interior Committee despite last week's heated debate to shelf the plan.

MK Feiglin stated, "remember that (Prime Minister Yitzchak) Rabin promised that if they shoot one bullet, then we will cancel the Oslo Accords? Remember that (Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon promised that after we withdraw, we will have full legitimacy to act in Gaza? The regulation of the Bedouin community runs just along the same principle." He warned that compensating and relocating un-zoned Beoduin settlements would result in a loss of sovereignty rather then the desired compromise.

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