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  טבת 1, 5774 , 04/12/13

MK Compares Yeshiva Student Arrest to Chanukah History

Member of Knesset MK Nissim Ze'ev (Shas) compared Wednesday arrest of a yeshiva student for not joining the army to the struggles during the times of Chanukah. "The kingdom of Greece did not want to merely harm the body but the spirit and soul. They viewed the Jews of the time as backward and ignorant. Unfortunately there were those of us who followed the Greeks willingly. Our struggle today is similar," MK Ze'ev Arutz Sheva news.

On Wednesday over 700 protested outside a prison where a yeshiva student from Kiriat Malachi was jailed for refusing to show up for an army induction. Although the students attended an initial recruitment meeting last year before the Tal Law was cancelled, he declined to attend any subsequent appointments, leading to his arrest.

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