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  טבת 1, 5774 , 04/12/13

Rabbis Assemble for Rain Prayer

Chairman of the Knesset Agricultural Lobby MK Zevulun Kalfa will hold a prayer for rain on Thursday at 16:00 with the participation of Chief Rabbi David Lau.

Rabbis of Religious Zionism joined the call, "We are in the beginning of the month of Tevet and still await the Blessing of rain. Please, our brothers, participate in this prayer service. May the supplication of the High Priest on Yom Kippur for a rainy year be granted." The request was signed by Rabbis Yaakov Ariel, Yehoshua Shapira, Haim Steiner, Avichai Rontzki and Micha Halevi.

MK Kalfa related to today's weather forecast of rain, "As the prophet Isaiah foretold, "I shall grant their wishes before the even ask", and we need rain in great abundance. Let us assemble in earnest prayer that G-d open the Heavens and provide us with rain for the crops."  

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