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  כסלו 30, 5774 , 03/12/13

Comet ISON most likely Reduced to Space Dust

CNET reports it appears there will be no once-in-a-lifetime celestial light show this month as Comet ISON streaks past Earth trailed by a glorious tail of ice, water, rock, and dust.

On Monday, one of the leading ISON watchers, Karl Battams, posted a eulogy for ISON, says CNET, which is now believed to have disintegrated into millions of fragments as it swung around the sun, coming within a million miles of the star's surface.

"Tragically, on November 28, 2013, ISON's tenacious ambition outweighed its ability, and our shining green candle in the solar wind began to burn out," Battams writes.

NASA itself has since issued a statement saying that it continues to investigate ISON's fate but calls it "likely" that ISON is now "only dust", concludes CNET.

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