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  כסלו 29, 5774 , 02/12/13

Herzl's Hometown Gets Zionist "Herzl Center"

The hometown Theodor Herzl was born in now is home to a Herzl Center. On Sunday, the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency held a ceremony in Budapest, Hungary to inaugurate the Herzl Center, named after the man who organized the First Zionist Congress in 1897 and helped put the movement to return to the Jewish homeland on the map.

Gusti Yehoshua Braverman, the chairwoman of the WZO's Department for Diaspora Activities spoke at the event stating that the new center is "equipped with the best of contemporary technology." She added that both Jewish and non-Jewish people desire to "recognize the monster" that is hatred and bigotry "out of a desire and commitment to fighting it... we seek to impart knowledge and raise questions about the future and the role each and every one of us has in the shaping of Israel."

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