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  כסלו 26, 5774 , 29/11/13

Adva Biton: Yesterday's Attack Reminded Me of Adele

Adva Biton, mother of 3-year-old Adele Biton who was critically injured in a rock throwing attack last March, told Israel Hayom that yesterday's attack in Jerusalem which left a 2-year-old severely injured, had brought back to her the whole episode with her daughter.

"I heard about the attack on the radio while driving home from Lowenstein Hospital (a rehabilitative center in Ra'anana), and it brought me back to that day," she recalled. I had so hoped we would be the last incidence of this sort of attack, but to my great consternation, there is now another family who has to go through this," Biton recalled.

"I know how your life gets turned around 180 degrees by something like this," she said.

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