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  כסלו 25, 5774 , 28/11/13

Minister of Finance: Shorter Summer Vacation for Grades 1, 2

In this morning's (Thursday) press conference, held by Minister of Education Rabbi Shai Piron together with Minister of Finance Yair Lapid and Minister of Social Affairs Meir Cohen, it was announced that starting this summer, the school year would be extended by three weeks.  This year the plan will only affect children in the first and second grades.

At the outset of the press conference the Minister of Finance presented the plan, saying, "We are here to announce the extension of the school year.  Starting this summer, children in the first and second grades will have an additional three weeks of school as usual."

"Overall, we are bringing back education to be our central focus -- we owe this to Israel's children," Minister Piron stated, adding, "There is no correlation between the number of vacation days of working parents and the number of vacation days for students. It makes it more difficult on the parents, and the education system needs to address this."

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