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  11/28/2013, Kislev 25, 5774

Weather: Significant Drop in Temperatures, Humidy Rises

The forecast for today and tonight call for partly cloudy skies, with a significant drop in temperature accompanied by a rise in humidity. During the morning hours there is a chance of light local showers and misting along the coast and in the lowlands.

Tomorrow (Friday) skies are to remain partly cloudy with a continued drop in temperature, bringing us back to the seasonal norm.

Shabbat will see partly cloudy to overcast skies, with high clouds, accompanied by a slight rise in temperature, mostly on the coast and in the lowlands.

Sunday should see high clouds, and a significant rise in temperature accompanied by a drop in humidity.  Along the coast and in the lowlands are expected to be unseasonably warm.  The mountains and the north will develop high easterly winds, with a possibility of hazy skies.