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  כסלו 24, 5774 , 27/11/13

Jon Voigt: Iran Deal Bad for Israel

Actor and long-standing  Republican Jon Voigt has joined the list of critics of the agreement that the Obama administration recently entered into with Iran.

“We had a socialist president—a socialist representative in France—say it was a rotten deal, so, you know, you figure it out. Who do I believe? Who do you believe?” Voigt told FOX411.

“Right now in the news, there is stuff that makes us very fearful about the fate of Israel,” he said. “Those of us who love Israel, as I do… we know a little bit about nuclear disasters so we’re very, very concerned," he added.

Voigt spoke about the US President and the controversial deal at the gala event for the 'Chabad Children of Chernobyl", which relocates children from the site of the 1986 nuclear disaster to Iive in Israel.

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