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  כסלו 24, 5774 , 27/11/13

Smuggled Rare Coins and Bills Seized at Ben Gurion Airport

Customs officials at Ben Gurion International Airport today (Wednesday) seized dozens of antique and rare coins and bills, thwarting an attempt by a passenger arriving from the US to smuggle them into the country.

The smuggler, a 36-year-old resident of Givat Shmuel, passed through the green lane but was stopped for a routine check.  Upon examining his hand luggage, Customs officials discovered rare bills and coins, including some of which had minted in the European ghettos during World War II, a 150-year-old Hawaiin coin, and a 300-year-old gold coin, as well as coin out of the Westerbork Concentration Camp – none of which had been declared, as demanded by law.

The items were taken to an appraiser, who estimated the value of the smuggled antiquities to have a market value of approximately US$23,000.

Upon completion of the investigation, the authorities will determine what further steps are to be taken against the suspect.

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