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  כסלו 23, 5774 , 26/11/13

John Bolton: Agreement with Iran ‘Abject Surrender by US’

John R. Bolton, former ambassador to the UN during the Bush administration, is speaking his mind about the agreement that was recently signed with Iran in Geneva over this past weekend, as was revealed in an article in yesterday's (Monday) Washington Times.

"It’s an “abject surrender by the United States,” he said in an article he wrote for The Weekly Standard.

"It’s a “Hail Mary” agreement that comes at considerable U.S. costs, he said. "But that’s what happens with an administration that would rather have any deal than no deal,” he added.

 “The inescapable conclusion is that … the White House actually did prefer a bad deal to the diplomatic process grinding to a halt,” he said. “The biggest problem for the United States is that the deal doesn’t ban Iran from enriching uranium — and Capitol Hill lawmakers agree on that point”, Bolton continued in his article.

 “In truth, an Israeli military strike is the only way to avoid Tehran’s otherwise inevitable march to nuclear weapons, and the proliferation that will surely follow,” he said. “Making the case for Israel’s exercise of its legitimate right of self-defense has therefore never been more politically important.”

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