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  כסלו 23, 5774 , 26/11/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham Prepares Mandate for Iran Attack

American Senators are presently preparing a bill that would grant a mandate for the US to attack Iran in the event that all diplomatic efforts should fail.

Spearheading the bill is the senior US Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham (R), who has already found the support of dozens of his colleagues in the Senate.

Senator Graham met with Jewish leaders who came to offer their support to the Senator’s initiative.  When asked why he thought the terrorists ‘only’ killed three thousand people in the September 11, 2001 terror attack on the Twin Towers instead of trying to wipe out three million, the Senator replied, “It wasn’t for lack of desire, it was for lack of ability. If the US and the West do not succeed in their efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining their objective, then the day will not be too far off that we will see dozens of ‘dirty bombs’ set off around the globe, leaving the free world in total chaos

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