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  כסלו 23, 5774 , 26/11/13

MK Shaked: No Logical Reason Not to Move into 'Beit Hamakhpela'

Head of the Jewish Home faction, MK Ayelet Shaked, wonders why there is still no official approval for Jews to populate Hevron's "Beit Hamakhpela", but stressed that Jewish Home is working hard on the matter.

"We have been working with the Ministry of Defense to arrange for families to be able to move into 'Beit Hamakhpela' as as soon as possible, and we fully anticipate and end to this unnecessary saga in the very near future," Shaked said.

The MK added that she saw no logical reason why houses that had been legally purchased, according to the law, could not be occupied by their owners."after these people have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to move into their homes continue to be impeded by the Civil Adminstraton, the Judicial, and the Defense Authorities."

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