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  כסלו 23, 5774 , 26/11/13

MK Kalfa: Terror Attacks Prove Folly of Gush Katif Expulsion

In an amicable meeting today (Tuesday) between MK Zevulun Kalfa (Jewish Home), Slovakian Deputy Foreign Minister Peter Burian, and the Slovakian Ambassador to Israel Radovan Javorčík, the MK pointed out that, “It is important that European decision makers come to Israel to see what the reality is with their own eyes.”

“The world doesn’t really comprehend the importance it holds for the Jewish People to have returned to their homeland after thousands of years.  For us, it is the realization of a vision, and our return to our roots. On the other hand, there is an Arab population in Israel who call themselves “Palestinians” who do not want us here at all,” MK Kalfa explained to the visiting diplomats.

The MK brought the issue home by opening up his personal life to the visitors. “My own personal story is proof in this matter.  I lived in Gush Katif, and my government decided to forcibly remove me from my home and give it over to the Arabs – as a gesture of good will. Since then, there are no Jews in Gush Katif, but the terrorists in Gaza relentlessly continue to fire missiles at us, and dig ‘terror tunnels’.  In my eyes, this says much more about the reality of the situation than anything you might be seeing in Europe.”

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