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  כסלו 22, 5774 , 25/11/13

Bereaved Parents to PM: If Abbas Comes to Jerusalem, We'll Be There

Bereaved parents, who have lost their loved ones to terrorists, sent a letter today (Monday) to Prime Minister Benyamin  Netanyahu, warning him against the arrival of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to Jerusalem.

"We heard with great sadness and consternation of your call to Abbas, sitting in the Muqata in Ramalla, inviting him to Jerualem to speak, as your guest before the Knesset.  It isn't as if it wasn't enough that you released the terrorists, but now you seek to cause us even more heartbreak by inviting the one who demanded their release, making them into 'great heroes of the Palestinian nation', receiving honor and generous financial incentives for what they have done," the letter stated.

The letter continued, stressing that should Abbas come, "We will make sure we are there in the name of morality, and justice. We will also do all that we can to ensure that the public not permit you to do this, either. We will block him with our bodies. And if, by chance, he should enter Jerusalem, G-d forbid, we will block the entry to the Knesset itself with our own bodies, just as we did when Arafat wanted to come."

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