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  כסלו 22, 5774 , 25/11/13

Canada: Iran Sanctions to Continue Full Strength

The Canadian government, including the Opposition parties, have expressed welcome to the temporary agreement that was arrived at with Iran this past weekend, which ostensibly is supposed to halt their nuclear weapons potential, in exchange for the easing up on economic sanctions.  However, it is a cautious welcome at best, according to a report in Shalom Toronto.

Canadian Foreign MInister John Baird praised the efforts of the international community, noting that Canada has always been of the opinion that every possible effort through diplomatic means must be made to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear arms.

"The the sanctions set upon Iran by the international community are what brought them to the negotiating  table with a more moderate approach than in the past," he commented. However, Baird stressed that experience with Iran has shown that it has no problem deceiving the West, further emphasizing that Canadian sanctions would remain the same as they have always been.

"The Iranian people are entitled to freedom and prosperity, which has eluded them thus far due to the regime's nuclear ambitions," Baird said. But the Minister went on to stress that " a nuclear Iran is not only a threat to Canada and its allies, but would severely damage efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, while at the same time encouraging other countries to acquire nuclear weapons."

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