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  כסלו 22, 5774 , 25/11/13

Student Suspect Arrested in Front of Classmates

Police entered a Migdal Haemek yeshiva this morning (Monday) and burst into the 11th grade classroom to arrest a student in front of friends and faculty on suspicion of having set fire to Arab vehicles for "nationalist" reasons.  He was then taken in for questioning.  

In a statement by the teen's attorney, Ron Shaham of the "Honenu" organization, he explained, "The suspect is a minor, and has denied all allegations.  He was subsequently released shortly thereafter.  It has not been made clear yet as to why he was arrested in the first place."

"It is most disturbing that the police would come in and make a public display of the boy, arresting him in the middle of his studies, in front of both teachers and classmates, adding to the boy's distress. This is even more the case as these incidents occurred more than six months ago eliminating urgency as a factor in the police action," Mr Shahan elaborated.

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