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  כסלו 21, 5774 , 24/11/13

Chabad FL Seeks Record for 'Most Valuable Dreidl'

With Hannuka and Thanksgiving coinciding this year, the Chabad emmisaries of South Palm Beach, Florida have decided to make this Hannuka the year they attempt to capture the Guiness Book of Records for the "World’s Most Valuable Dreidl” at its December 1st Hannuka party. The dreidl is a four-sided spinning top that is associated with Hannuka in particular. 

Ecuadorian Pedro Moldanado was approached by Rebbetzin Shaina Stolik for the project, using materials donated by community members, according to a report by the Palm Beach Daily News“Stones include quartz, topaz, Amethyst, rubies and diamonds. The dreidel frame will be silver and covered with 14-karat and 18-karat gold", said Moldanado, a jeweler in for 30 years.

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