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  כסלו 21, 5774 , 24/11/13

MK Gal-On: Iran Agreement Not So Bad

MK Zahava Gal-On, of the far-left Meretz party, this morning (Sunday) welcomed the new agreement signed with Iran in Geneva.

"This morning the ministers have been so busy wildly attacking the agreement, that they have forgotten one important thing - and that is, the agreement reflects the already-existing situation.  And upon further examination, one could say that it is not, realistically, a bad agreement at all.  The agreement includes taking Iran off the fast track in developing nuclear weapons, and increases monitoring so that Iran can't obtain the nuclear bomb 'behind the world's back'", Gal-On said.

"Instead of whining and aruguing with 'the world', Israel needs to turn her attention the true 'ticking bomb', and that is the Palestinian issue and our need to reach an agreement," she added.

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