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  כסלו 21, 5774 , 24/11/13

300-Yr.-Old Passover Haggada Up for Auction in UK

A 300-year-old Passover Haggada which was discovered ‘by accident’, soon will be placed on the auction block in Manchester, England.  The book is thought to have reached the UK with her previous owners, who fled the Nazis before World War II.

Through testing, it was determined that the Haggada, which is on 20 pages of parchment, was created in 1726, specifically for the Oppenheimer banking dynasty, and was brought to England pre-World War II when the family who owned it fled to England to escape the Nazis.

The tome was discovered in a cardboard box sitting by a relative of the previous owner, and is expected to bring in approximately £500,000 at auction. 

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