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  כסלו 18, 5774 , 21/11/13

Ashdod: Mother of 7 Loses Consciousness, Now Deceased

In Ashdod, a 35-year-old mother of seven who just gave birth two weeks ago passed away this morning (Thursday) after suddenly losing consciousness. Resuscitation attempts were made, but failed.

Volunteer medics from the Lakhish branch of the ‘Hatzolah’ rescue organization attempted to save her life, beginning to administser CPR on site before evacuating her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

 “We are speaking of a terrible tragedy here.  A mother of seven children, who just gave birth two weeks ago, suddenly loses consciousness and then dies,” commented Hatzolah medic Avrami Porgas.

“Myself, the other medics, and the entire intensive care team attempted to save her by providing CPR not only at the site, but all the way to the hospital, in the hopes of restoring a pulse. But to our great sorrow, we were notified by the hospital that she hadn’t made it,” Porgas said.

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