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  כסלו 16, 5774 , 19/11/13

PMW: Coded TV Message on Nidal's Intent to Murder

In September of 2013, IDF soldier Tomer Hazan was kidnapped and murdered by PA terrorist Nidal (Abu Wasim) Amar.  In an indictment that was filed against him last week it was stated that the terrorist had passed his brother, Nour Al-Din Amar (who is serving a sentence for terrorist activity in Israel) a coded message via official PA TV.

Palestinian Media Watch went back and checked its recordings of the PA TV program, “For You”, which regularly broadcasts greetings from PA Arabs to security prisoners in Israel, and found the coded message in the May 16, 2013 program. 

During the broadcast, the PA TV host said, “Before we end, we have greetings for Nour Al-Din Amar from his brother Abu Wasim (Nidal Amar) and from the family.  They say that they are well, and that your mother is healthy again.  They tell you that ‘the calf will soon be in the cage, and we’ll celebrate the freedom of all prisoners.’”

Four months later Nidal Amar kidnapped and murdered Tomer Hazan, but was captured before he could try and exchange Hazan’s body for his brother’s freedom.

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