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  כסלו 15, 5774 , 18/11/13

2nd Candle of Hanuka to be Lit in Machpela House

"Israeli residents of Hebron have acquired houses, apartments and real estate from Arabs through legitimate business transactions, and there is no reason they should not be honored," said Daniella Weiss, head of the 'Nahala Movement'.

Nahala will be hosting an especially festive candle-lighting for the second night of Hanuka at Hevron's Beit Machpela (Machepela House), in protest of the authorities' refusal to allow Jews to inhabit it, despite the fact that it was legally purchased.

"Today Hevron residents are buying homes, apartments and real estate, legally, from Arabs who want to sell and are making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of these transactions, and there is no logical, legal or ethical reason why the purchase these homes, acquired at full price value, should not be honored by a country which desribes itself as democratic and enlightened," Weiss commented.

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