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  כסלו 14, 5774 , 17/11/13

PM Addresses Cabinet Re UN Security Council Incident

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu took the opportunity at this morning's (Sunday) cabinet meeting to address last Thursday's incident at the UN Security Council's meeting where nine resolutions condemning Israel were obtained.

The meeting took place, as usual, with an interpreter providing translations of all comments. One interpreter, unaware of her mic being on and so providing audio feed to every set of earphones, was noted cynically commenting to a colleague, "I think ten resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are bit much, don't you? There are plenty of bad things going on in the world, and nobody says a word," she said. The comment was followed by a burst of laughter from those in the room, followed by the interpreter offering her profuse apologies. 

The Prime Minister showed the cabinet the video clip of the incident, and said, "I hope nothing happens to the translator as a result, but I can assure her of a job here in the State of Israel, should it come to that. Sometimes someone can rip away at the veil of hypocricy that exists in the ever-present attacks against us, and this interpreter had the courage to do just that."

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