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  כסלו 14, 5774 , 17/11/13

PA Trend: Naming Soccer Teams After Terrorists

In admiration of terrorists who were responsible for the murder of dozens of Jews, the Palestinian Authority has commemorated them by bestowing their names on soccer teams, according to the news site, ONE.

One team has been named for Yahya Abd-al-Latif Ayyash, who was the chief bombmaker of Hamas and the leader of the Judean, Samaria battalion of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, through which heearned the nickname the "Engineer". Ayyash was taken down by Israel in 1996, through the use of a booby-trapped phone.

A tournament at one of the universities in the PA is named after Dalal Mughrabii. Mughrabi was a female suicide bomber who, in 1978, was responsible for the murder of 37 Jews, including 12 children.

Another tournament has been named for D'aas Ziyad , commander of the Fatah Tanzim militia, and who was responsible for the planning of an attack on a Bar Mitzva in Hadera where six people were killed and dozens more injured. He was also involved in the 2001 abductions and murders of restaurant owners Etgar Zeituni and Motti Dayan.

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