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  כסלו 11, 5774 , 14/11/13

US State Department: Ignore What the Israelis Say

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is concerned about Naftali Bennett's visit to Washington. As Kerry has been making his rounds to convince lawmakers to hold back on intensifying the sanctions against Iran, the Israeli Minister of the Economy has been making his own rounds.

Bennett is making his way around the American capital, calling upon Senators to reject a futile deal with Iran, in direct opposition to Kerry's attempts to dissuade them from intensifying the sanctions on Iran.  Kerry's response has been, "Ignore the Israelis".

The internet magazine BuzzFeed demonstrated this when it published that when a Senate legislative aide brought up "a senior Israeli official", Kerry cut him off saying, "You should ignore what they (the Israelis) have to say, and stop paying any attention to them on this topic."

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