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  כסלו 10, 5774 , 13/11/13

Netanyahu Reiterates Warning Against Lifting Sanctions

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu reiterated his message of keeping up the pressure on Iran at a special Knesset special held on Wednesday. His comment were in response to the proposal of lifting sanctions against the Islamic Republic at the Geneva talks. "There aren't only two possibilities on the Iranian issue: A bad deal – or war. This is incorrect," Netanyahu argued. "There is a third possibility – and that is continuing the pressure of sanctions. I would even say that a bad deal is liable to lead to the second, undesired, result. There is no reason to submit to Iranian diktat; neither is there any reason to be hasty," he said.

The Prime Minister continued, "Iran is under very harsh economic pressure and the advantage is with those applying the pressure. It is possible to achieve a good deal to dismantle Iran's military nuclear capability. This cannot be achieved by the proposal now being discussed in Geneva. That proposal would make a gaping hole in the sanctions through which the air could escape from the pressure of the sanctions. Iran is being asked to do very little. All of its centrifuges would be left intact; not even one centrifuge would be dismantled and the underground facilities would also remain. This is not necessary because it is possible to continue the pressure."

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