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  כסלו 9, 5774 , 12/11/13

"9th of the 9th" Prayer Tuesday Afternoon

A special time for prayer is being promoted for Tuesday November 12th. The "9th of the 9th" comes once every 50 years and refers to the ninth hour of the ninth day of the 9th month (Kislev) in the 9th year of the Yovel (Jubilee). In Israel the time corresponds to 1:44 pm - 1:53 pm.

Rabbi Chaim Vital, a famous kabbalist who lived in Tzfat in the 1500s wrote in his book Brit Menuchah, “once every fifty years, the ninth year of Yovel arrives and in it the ninth month, and in it the ninth day, and in it the ninth hour – whereupon all the wheels in the upper worlds are agitated and ‘Your good treasure house upon us do open’ is fulfilled. During these fateful moments, an incredible abundance of salvation is poured into this world. The Holy One blessed be He opens the heavens for joyful events, communal salvation and individual ones, Torah, good health, livelihood, marital harmony, and children...”

The Kupat Ha'ir charity organization is promoting the date as a time to donate to needy causes and to pray for personal and communal needs.

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