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  כסלו 8, 5774 , 11/11/13

MK Porush: What About Enlisting Druze Women?

MK Meir Porush of the hareidi-religious United Torah Judaism party slammed the government on Monday evening, during a debate on a non-confidence motion brought forth by his party. Porush said the government was being hypocritical by forcing hareidi-religious yeshiva students to enlist, while failing to force other minorities to enlist.

"I ask all the time and am interested to know, if the equal burden committee indeed came to regulate everything related to military service and if it really wants to institute equality, why did the committee not discuss in the first place the military service of the minorities?" he said.

Porush added, "I’ve been asking again and again: Who decided that Druze women do not serve in the army? After all, the Druze have a blood covenant with the Jews and their men serve, so who gives the exemption to Druze women?”

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