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  כסלו 8, 5774 , 11/11/13

Yechimovich to GA: The Gov't Impedes Negotiations

Opposition Leader Shelly Yechimovich participated in this evening’s (Monday) Jewish Federations of North America GA, which is being held in Jerusalem this year.

At the opening of her speech, MK Yechimovich directed her remarks toward the topic of a nuclear Iran. “There is no dispute whatsoever that Iran must not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons, but we should not forget that our friendship and alliance with the United States is our most important strategic asset,” she said.

“The picture that has emerged following the current rounds of Geneva talks is indeed alarming – to a certain extent.  But the first and best solution is a diplomatic solution so that we may ensure Iran does not progress in its nuclear program, and to implement this through stringent monitoring,” she continued.

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