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  כסלו 8, 5774 , 11/11/13

Where Is The NIS 800 Million Allocated To Arab Sector?

The State Comptroller’s Committee met today (Monday) to discuss the Comptroller’s report on the Authority for Economic Development of the Minority Sector.  Committee Chairman, Amnon Cohen (Shas) said that Prime Minister's Office Director-General Harel Locker had failed in his task to integrate the Arab Sector, stating, “We are obligated to integrate minorities into the manufacturing, industrial, educational and employment areas of our society. They are equal citizens with equal rights, and must be integrated into the State so that they can benefit from them.”

However, Shmuel Golan, the Deputy Director in the State Comptroller`s Office stated that ever since Avishay Braverman, former Minister of Minorities, retired in 2011 no one had really been in charge of the sector, and that as a result the state had invested NIS 700-800 million into the sector’s economic development, but there was no documentation of where it had gone or for what it had been used.


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