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  כסלו 7, 5774 , 10/11/13

Recruiting of Hareidim for Civilian Service Could End

Chief Executive Officer Sar Shalom Jerbi of the national civilian service sent a letter, Sunday, to Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked of the Committee on Equal Burden of Service, asking her to use her influence to pass legislation to increase hareidi-religious national service by the end of November. He warned that the Israel Defense Forces will not be able to refer draft-age hareidim to the civilian service starting December 1st because the government's Civil Guard Service decision is scheduled to expire at the end of November.

Jerbi warned, "During this sensitive period in the hareidi sector with regard to equality of the burden of service and induction into the army and the civilian service, such a situation can cause considerable damage to the civilian service and the attitude of the hareidim to the new law, as articulated in the committee."

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