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  כסלו 7, 5774 , 10/11/13

MK Zeev: Marriage Law is Hypocrisy of the Left

MK Nissim Zeev has attacked the Knesset’s recently-passed law forbidding marriage under the age of 18.  The MK heavily criticized the law calling it hypocritical.

“This law works to undermine the (protective) barrier of modesty, and prevents girls who are ready for marriage from marrying. The Knesset in calling it enforced protection is promoting a falsehood,” Zeev said.

According to Zeev, the Knesset opted to protect Arabs and Bedouins at the expense of Jewish girls. “By us (Jews), there is no forced marriage, although this may exist for the Arabs and Bedouins. The Knesset’s opting to protect them in this manner does not in any way protect Jewish girls who may run away from home, and under the “law of consent, are able to --  at 16 years old -- to live with these men in their villages, and are subsequently abandoned there,” the MK stated.

“When these girls’ parents turn to the government for help for their daughters, they are told that there is nothing to be done, because it was “consensual” and out of love,” he said.

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