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  כסלו 4, 5774 , 07/11/13

IDF Contract with Ministry of Health Needs Renewal

The Ministry of Health, in response to the claim that HMO's would be terminating their services to the IDF, announced today (Thursday) that its present contract with the IDF has will be expiring by the end of 2013, and that a new agreement would be ready to put in place in the very near future.

"The considerations of the Ministry of Health are for the good of all those insured under the National Health Insurance Law. In the event that the HMO's sign an agreement wherein they take hold of resources allocated by the law, it is our obligation to protest this," a Ministry spokesperson said, adding "a new contract is expected to be ready by December 2013 as part of renewal options, allowing both sides to reach an agreement that achieves economic balance."

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