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  כסלו 4, 5774 , 07/11/13

Hazing Rite for Young Paratroopers to be Halted

Veterans of the Paratrooper Battalion Auxiliary Company 202 recently held their ritual hazing ceremony of the younger members of their unit, according to Yediot Aharonot.

The ceremony is held in the form of a funeral, where a special “kaddish” (prayer for the dead) is recited by the veteran members over the younger soldiers, who lie in a special “grave” – a pit which is dug at the unit’s encampment. At the end of the rite, each soldier receives their traditional “patchouli” – the company’s mascot, which consists of a small vial of patchouli oil which the soldiers wear around their necks, keeping the amulet close to their hearts.

The incident came to light when the Company’s deputy commander reported it to the Company Commander, who then reported it to the Regimental Commander, who said he was determined to see this was completely stopped.

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