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  כסלו 4, 5774 , 07/11/13

Former CIA Chief: It's Time to Release Pollard

Former Head of the CIA, James Woolsey called for the release of Jonathan Pollard in a Manhattan conference he attended this past Monday night. According to Woolsey, only in cases where loss of human life was involved call for such extreme sentences.

When questioned at the conference, Woolsey said, "Only spies whose actions have resulted in people's death receive this kind of sentence.  Otherwise, it (the sentence) usually is only 6-7 years.  And if the fact that that Pollard is Jewish is what bothers the President, then let him pretend that Pollard is a South Korean, a Filipion-American or an ally from somewhere else. But he has been in prison a long time now, and only people like (Aldrich) Ames or (Robert) Hanssen, who got people killed, get a sentence like that...and Pollard didn't do that."

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