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  כסלו 3, 5774 , 06/11/13

The "Outsiders" Who Came to Teach Zionism - in Israel

While we are accustomed to young people being sent abroad from Israel to help promote Judaism and a connection and love of Israel, this past Shabbat the tables were slightly turned.

This past Shabbat, eight out of the 35 young emmisaries who left the "Yeshivat HaKotel" to spend Bnei Akiva's annual "Shabbat HaIrgun" with other Bnei Akiva branches throughout the country were "hutznikim" - young men from abroad.

The eight are here in Israel studying, and some have already made "Aliya" (official Jewish immigration to Israel). These young men have their roots in Bnei Akiva having served as counsellors and guides for chapters in both the United States and England, respectively.

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