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  כסלו 3, 5774 , 06/11/13

Gaza’s Tamarod Movement: Topple Hamas Regime

The “Mered” (rebellion, or revolt) Movement, more familiarly referred to as the Tamarod Movement, continues its preparations for a showing of civil disobedience, planned for next week on November 11th. Official spokesman for the movement, Iyad Abu-Rok, expressed confidence that the protest will be mounted according to plans.

In a November 1st interview with Al-Quds Al-Arabiya, Abu-Rok stated that the main objective of the protest was to get people out into the streets to topple the Hamas government, which he describes as criminal, violating all civil rights -- including that of freedom of expression -- as well using excessive violence against any opposition. He also said that two thirds of Gazans are in favor of the Tamarod movement, and that since its establishment, approximately 300 persons said to be affiliated with them have been arrested.

Abu-Rok denied, however, any connection whatsoever between his movement and Egyptian Intelligence, or to any Palestinian political party.

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