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  כסלו 3, 5774 , 06/11/13

Hagit Rein: I’d Send Lapid to Visit Real Soldiers

This Friday, in Karnei Hashomron (Samaria), the 8th annual “Benia Race” is scheduled to take place. The race, in memory of Major Benia Rein, HYD, who was killed while evacuating the injured during the Second Lebanon War, numbers both enlisted men and officers, as well as special needs children, amongst the runners. This year the race is dedicated to those soldiers who were wounded in the Gaza terror tunnel explosions.

Following her Tuesday visit to Soroka Hospital, Hagit Rein gave her unambiguous opinion on the proposals to slash the military budget and soldiers’ salaries.

“I say to Yair Lapid and all those who create the headlines calling for cuts in soldiers’ salaries – we have soldiers who sacrifice their lives.  I met a company Commander who had been wounded in the Second Lebanon War, and has now been wounded, again in the south. He told me he is waiting to recover so he can return to his soldiers. I met a regimental Commander who was wounded, but upon hearing his nephew, Ahiya Klein, had been wounded, losing his eyesight – he jumped up from his own sick bed to be by the other’s side. To these men who sacrifice all, who go without seeing wives and children – how can the Minister call for a cut in their salaries?”, she stated.

Mrs. Rein added, “Yair Lapid served at “B’machane” (IDF newspaper), he doesn’t know the meaning of ‘heroic’.”

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