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  כסלו 1, 5774 , 04/11/13

Switzerland: Found Artworks Not 'Looted', Bought Legitimately

A Swiss gallery has denied illegal involvement with Cornelius Gurlitt, the man found Sunday to be hoarding nearly 1,500 priceless paintings, including works by Picasso and Matisse, that were stolen by the Nazis in a Munich flat. While the gallery, which is based in Swiss capital city Bern, admitted to buying legitimate works from Gurlitt, they also stated today (Monday) that "the last business and personal contacts between the Galerie Kornfeld and Cornelius Gurlitt go back to 1990."

Yesterday (Sunday), the German weekly Focus reported that police came upon the paintings in 2011, during a search in an apartment belonging to the octogenarian son of art collector Hildebrand Gurlitt, who had bought them during the 1930s and 1940s.

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