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  כסלו 2, 5774 , 05/11/13

Street Closures Ahead of Shloshim for R. Ovadia Yoseph

Jerusalem District Police have finished their preparations for Tuesday's memorial assembly, commemorating 30 days since the death of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, zt"l, starting at 18:00 at the intersection of Yehezkel and Shmuel Hanavi streets in the capital. Shmuel Hanavi will be closed off to normal traffic from the direction of Yehezkiel to Sachs Street until 02:00 a.m. From 14:00, street closures will include Kikar Shabbat to Yehezkel, from the intersection of Shmuel Hanavi to Bar Ilan. Access will not be allowed from Sderot Haim Bar Lev to Shimon Hatzadik.

Traffic is expected to return to normal around 22:30 hours, depending on how quickly the crowd can be dispersed. No private vehicles will be permitted and the public is requested to use public transportation. The police are reminding people to be careful and not to climb on electric poles, fences, or engage in any other dangerous activites in order to catch a glimpse of the activities. Hundreds of police officers, Border Guards, volunteers and reinforcements will be on duty to maintain public order and security, and to direct and detour traffic, as needed.

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