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  חשון 28, 5774 , 01/11/13

Peres: Chabad Emissaries Save Souls

President Shim'on Peres praised the emissaries of the Chabad Lubavitch hasidic movement, Thursday, as thousands of emissaries from around the world gathered in New York for their annual convention. Referring to the leader of the movement, Peres noted, in a recorded video message, "The advice of the rabbi, his will and the commandment of the Jewish people is to continue to exist as a people," adding that "we have our own state [and] we have returned to our country , but only half of our people live in Israel. The other half is scattered in many places in the world and you arrive as pioneers everywhere, as people who establish a community, as people who save souls (lives), as people who teach the Torah of Israel, sometimes under very difficult conditions and sometimes in conditions of mortal danger."

The president also said, "When people ask me who is a Jew, my answer is: a Jew is one who sees to it that his children and descendants will remain Jewish and you're investing a lot of heart, a lot of dedication, [and] a lot of mission."

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